Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Favorite Site: Harpers Ferry - Sheer Beauty

From Don Cassidy
Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada

A longtime dream of mine was to travel to Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and West Virginia and stand on the battlefields where a nation faced its greatest challenge. A friend and I toured July 14-21 in whirlwind fashion.... Some days, 12-13 hours....

The surprise for me was Harpers Ferry. I hadn't read a lot about its significance. Well, aside from the history and connection to George Washington, John Brown and Thomas Jefferson, the sheer beauty of the confluence of the Potomac and Shenandoah rivers left me in wonderment.

To imagine Stonewall Jackson's men placing cannons in impossible places, and then standing on Bolivar Heights to witness cannon and musket fire demonstrated by reenactors from New Jersey -- what an experience.

I truly appreciate the care and commitment made by Americans to preserve this turbulent time in history. I am glad I was able to share that experience, and I walk away, having a better insight into a nation. I look forward to more travels to Virginia as the Shenandoah river valley beckons. I can't wait.

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