Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Favorite Food: Spicy Hot Dogs

From L.M. German, Richmond VA

A couple of great ideas for hot dog addicts visiting Civil War sites:

After checking out Lynchburg VA and heading toward Appomattox, stop at Moore's Country Store on US 460 just a couple miles east of the US 29 Lynchburg bypass. It's on the right at the bottom of a hill. Unpretentious is a superlative -- there is a huge tree growing virtually through the roof -- and the dogs will literally light you up if you choose their wonderful signature slow burn chili. Eat in or take out in delightful individual Styrofoam boxes. Of course, the same stop works headed in the opposite direction. Moore's has been around since 1926.

Another good choice is Bill's Hot Dogs in Washington NC. Very conveniently located at 109 Gladden St., just a couple of blocks east of Route 17 in the middle of the charming downtown. It's dogs, chips and bottled drinks -- period!! Order at the counter and you will have them in less than a minute. Condiment choices include mustard, onions and a zippy chili. Very limited indoor seating. Bill's has been there since 1928 and is well worth the stop.

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