Tuesday, July 21, 2009

South Carolina: Jeff King, Day 1

The Drive South

I drove from Central Pennsylvania through North Carolina to just outside of Charleston, South Carolina, in one long day.

This time, summer 2008, I retraced steps because during my 2007 North Carolina trip, I made the mistake of visiting the surrender site at Bennett Place and the Duke Plantation on Good Friday, which is a state holiday in North Carolina (some states rights did survive!), and neither site was open.

Bennett Place is a well-interpreted site and restored very well. The only original structure is the chimney of the house, and that building is rebuilt to the best estimation of the structure where Generals Johnson and Sherman met. (The only original surrender site for an entire army still intact is the Dover Hotel near Fort Donaldson in Tennessee where Simon Bolivar Buckner made "Unconditional Surrender Grant" famous.) The graduate student guide was very good on the facilities tour.

I camped three nights at the KOA Campgrounds at 3157 Highway 17 North, Mount Pleasant SC, and it was luxurious. Pool, two bathhouses, wireless Internet, fishing, and an activities building with ping pong, laundry and kitchen. The lakeside sunset from my campsite near the cabins was spectacular.

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