Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tennessee/Kentucky: Jeff King, Day 5

26 May 2009
A day of many miles traversing the Great Smoky Mountains, but fewer Civil War moments

Blountville TN – One of the most pleasant stops of the entire week was the battle of Blountville. Beautiful city, well marked, and well interpreted.

Asheville NC – Zebulon Vance Birthplace is a very pleasant surprise as a remote site. Scenic and well presented by Tammy Walsh and Wayne. More than worth jumping off I-26 anytime. There are 14 new CW Trails signs that were opened on 22 May this year of 2009 in the immediate Asheville NC area. I never knew it was seriously considered for the capital of the Confederacy after Richmond fell.

Cherokee NC – Museum of the Cherokee. There is a small Civil War display to the Thomas Legion, who sided with the Confederacy like the western tribes. An absolutely top flight video presentation and museum for anyone interested in Native American history. There is a monument to the William Holland Thomas of the CSA Thomas Legion on Route 441 Bypass right at the entrance to the Campground Cemetery. This is about one-half mile north of the Mormon Church.

Great Smoky Mountain National Park – Stop at every overlook. The views are spectacular.

Lenoir City TN – CW Trails signage for Lenoir Station is north of 206 Depot St, down the hill and to the left about one block. There are brick remains of old Lenoir Cotton Mill at the CW Trails site.

Niota TN – The Niota Train Station is one of those sites we are so lucky to have still available. The train car out front adds to the visual enjoyment of the station.

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